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BIM Guide

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a working method that enables networked planning, execution, and management of buildings with the help of software. In our BIM Compendium you will find all relevant information on the application of BIM within Cadwork.

BIM Compendium

Python-API Guide

Cadwork offers an API (Application Programming Interface) for the Python language. Programming with this API allows you to create plugins and helper scripts. Python is a programming language that is well suited for beginners, but also contains all the possibilities that professionals need.

Python Guide 🐍

Rhino.Inside Cadwork

Rhino.Inside Cadwork is a tool that allows embedding Rhino 7 into Cadwork 3D. Algorithms can be designed via Grasshopper, which then automate tasks in Cadwork. Take advantage of surface modeling in your cadwork 3D environment.

Rhino.Inside Cadwork 🦏