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Welcome to Rhino.Inside cadwork

Rhino.Inside cadwork is a tool that allows you to embed Rhino 7 in cadwork 3D. Take advantage of the surface modeler in your cadwork 3D environment.

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food4Rhino - Rhino.Inside cadwork

Food4Rhino is McNeel's community service for plug-ins. Users can find the latest Rhino plug-ins, Grasshopper add-ons, scripts and much more. Moreover, they can contact developers and share their applications.


Grasshopper 🦗 is a graphical algorithm editor that integrates with Rhino3D modeling tools. You use Grasshopper to design algorithms that then automate tasks in Rhino3D. Grasshopper's visual "plug-and-play" style gives designers the ability to combine creative problem solving with novel control systems through the use of a fluid graphical interface.

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  1. The three input parameters of the Circle CNR component.
  2. The circle CNR component area.
  3. The output parameter of the Circle CNR component.

A component needs data to perform its actions, and it usually produces a result. For this reason, most components have a set of nested parameters called inputs and outputs, respectively. The input parameters are on the left side, and the output parameters are on the right side.

There are a few Grasshopper components that have inputs but no outputs, or vice versa. If a component has no inputs or outputs, it has a jagged edge.

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Run Rhino.Inside cadwork

Rhino.Inside cadwork 🦏 is started via Extra -> Rhino Live Link.



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The components are divided into four sections.
The Attributes section contains components for handling attributes.
In the Select section you will find all components for selecting cadwork elements.
In the Create Elements section you can find the components for creating cadwork elements.
The last section Architecture contains components for creating architectural elements.

Context menu

Some components offer functionalities via the context menu. The context menu is called up by right-clicking on the icon.

Via the context menu you can

  • Select Cadwork Elements or 3d/3dc
  • Preview
  • Bake Elements


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