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User Attributes

User attributes can be created for the cadwork elements. These can be added as input parameters.

Backup Text

Input comment
Name Name
Group Group
Subgroup Subgroup
Comment Comment
Edvcode EDV - Code
User1-99 (Keys) User Attributes
Name of the attribute must exist in cadwork.
To create the attribute via Grasshopper the prefix cw_ must be prefixed.
User1-99 (Values) String
Output comment
OutputStdAttr Return the create cadwork attributes

Standard Attributes

Backup Text

Input comment
Material Material name
Color Color number
NrProdList Production List Number
NrTimberList BOM number
NrAssemlbyList Assembly List Number
RoundingValueLength rounding value length [mm]
RoundingValueWidth Rounding value width [mm]
RoundingValueHeight rounding value height [mm]
ListOverwidth Width raw [mm]
ListOverheight height raw [mm]
ListOverlength Length raw [mm]
ProcessingType output type
ProcessingQuality processing quality
ProcessingAddData additional settings
RoughOverheightPos Positive height axis [mm]
RoughOverheightNeg negative height axis [mm]
RoughOverwidthPos Positive width axis [mm]
RoughOverwidthNeg Negative width axis [mm]
BIMBuilding Building
BIMStorey Storey
BimStoreyEleveationInMM Floor Height in [mm]
IfcElementType IfcType (e.g. IfcMember)
Output comment
OutputCwAttr Return the created cadwork attributes

Filter by Attributes

Brep's can be filtered by defined keys/values via this component.

Backup Text

Input comment
InputBrep Brep's
CwAttr Cadwork-Attribut
StdAttr Standard-Attribut
FilterKeys Filter Keys
Note spelling
✅ CW$_foo_bar
FilterValues Value to be filtered by
Output comment
OutputBrep Return of the filtered brep

Keys to Values

Retrieve attribute values according to given keys.

Filter by default attributes Backup Text

Filter by user attributes Backup Text

Input comment
CwAttr cadwork Attributes
StdAttr Standard Attributes
Keys Key to filter by
Note prefix!
✅ StdAttr CW$_
✅ CwAttr cw_
Output comment
OutputBrep Return of the filtered brep

Working with Standard Attributes

Output Standard-Attribute

Name Return value
CW$_material String
CW$_color Integer
CW$_number_production_list Integer
CW$_number_timber_list Integer
CW$_number_assembly_list Integer
CW$_rounding_value_width Real
CW$_rounding_value_height Real
CW$_rounding_value_length Real
CW$_list_overwidth Real
CW$_list_overheight Real
CW$_list_overlength Real
CW$_processing_type Integer
CW$_processing_quality Integer
CW$_processing_add_data Integer
CW$_xsection_type Integer
CW$_rough_overheight_pos Real
CW$_rough_overheight_neg Real
CW$_rough_overwidth_pos Real
CW$_rough_overwidth_neg Real
CW$_BIMBuilding String
CW$_BIMStorey String
CW$_IfcElementType String


Name Number (Integer)
No output type 0
Rafter 1
Purlin 2
Shifter 3
block plank 4
Stem 6
Truss 7
hip/valley rafter 11
User 1 20
User 2 21
User 3 22
User 4 23
User 5 24
Stage 30
Plate 1 120
Plate 2 121
Plate 3 122
Plate 4 123
Plate 5 124


Name Number (Integer)
None 0
Cerve 1
Hearterve 2
Leaf 4
ridge leaf 8
Tanner butt 16
Offset 32
Bore 64
Profile 128
Slot 256
Eave formwork 512
Hook blade 1024
Face groove 2048
SS groove inside 4096
SS groove outside 8192
Witch cut 16348
PlaningTotal 32768


Name Number (Integer)
None 0
Output ESZ single 16393
Output ESZ wall 16396
Reference Container 16408
Multifunction bridge 16424
Log macro in BVN 16904
Processing in single component 16520
Ignore for VBA 18440
All 19133


Name Number (Integer) comment
Square cross section. 1
Rectangular cross section 2
Round cross section 3
Plate Rectangle 17
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